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रायडिंग (सवारी) गेम्स सुची

सर्वश्रेष्ठ 10 रायडिंग (सवारी) खेल
खेल जिसमें जानवरों की सवारी गतिविधियों और कार्यांे को नियन्त्रित कर सकते Horse Land

Horse Land

रायडिंग (सवारी)हाॅर्स ब्रिडिंग 7,9 मुल्यांकन Care for, compete with, breed, and trade your very own horses and dogs.

Play a horse game with thousands of people from all over the world.

Ride your horse in a 3D virtual world, breed horses, train horses, design 3D jumping shows, play horse jumping games & customize your horse.
My Horse

My Horse

रायडिंग (सवारी) 8,2 मुल्यांकन Groom and care for your horse with different activities in great 3D graphics.

Train to compete in a series of challenging show jumping competitions and try to reach the championship.

Share and visit your friends and help taking care of their horses.
Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships

रायडिंग (सवारी)Horse 8,5 मुल्यांकन Play Riding Club Championships a stunning 3D Horse Game. Look after and train your horses in the paddock and showjumping events.

Train horses and ride them in beautiful 3D graphics on Facebook.

Test your equestrian skills by navigating your horse through our Agility courses.

Create and design your very own courses with many items to use to decorate them.
Star Stable

Star Stable

रायडिंग (सवारी) 9 मुल्यांकन Play Star Stable, the best 3D horse world, explore Jorvik, ride your very own horse anywhere and make new friends along the way.

Create your own character and choose your favorite horse.

Explore a massive world in stunning 3D.

Take you and your horse on a fantastic adventure.


रायडिंग (सवारी)हाॅर्स रेसिंगहाॅर्स ब्रिडिंगHorseMagical Horses 7,2 मुल्यांकन Howrse allows you to raise and breed beautiful horses and ponies online.

Discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center.

Work, earn money and groom many different types of horses and ponies.
My Horse Club

My Horse Club

रायडिंग (सवारी) 9 मुल्यांकन Unfortunately the developers of My Horse Club have closed the game. If you would like to try a new game, please feel free to browse through our list of Games like My Horse Club here:

Groom and train your own horses in a premium stable with great graphics and community.

Ride horses in this colorful 3D game and challenge your friends to see who has the best horses in town.

Find all the different breeds of horses possible and test your skills in tournaments.
Club Pony Pals

Club Pony Pals

रायडिंग (सवारी) 8,7 मुल्यांकन Club Pony Pals is a free to play browser game that allows you to look after your very own pony. Simply sign up to play on your computer.

Choose your pony and customise your look.

Play games and run errands for your friends.

Make new friends and become Pony Pals.
Horse Isle

Horse Isle

रायडिंग (सवारी) 5,2 मुल्यांकन Horse Isle is a free to play Horse based MMO Game. With lots of players to meet and horses to catch or buy. Simply sign up and play in your browser.

Find and catch wild horses.

Enter them into events.

Trade horses with other players.


रायडिंग (सवारी)हाॅर्स ब्रिडिंग 9,4 मुल्यांकन [Updated review]
Equiverse is a free horse game that you play through your browser. Create your own horse and look after them with special food to enter into competition.

Assign a specialty to your horses and train them to increase their stats

Enter into various competitive events and win amazing prizes.

Breed your horses based on their genotypes or adopt a new horse from the rescue center
Horse Isle 2

Horse Isle 2

रायडिंग (सवारी) 6,8 मुल्यांकन Horse Isle 2 is a free browser based horse game where you can find wild horses and create your own adventure as you explore loads of islands.

Find your own special wild horses.

Play mini games to earn money.

Join a great and growing community of players.

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