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csütörtök, március 29, 2018 Star Stable Értékelés

Egg Hunts and the Rainbow Race in the Sky Arrive in Star Stable

Easter is finally here in Jorvik ...and of course, there's the epic rainbow race in the sky! We can barely rein in our excitement for this week's update! How awesome is it for Star Stable to add in an epic rainbow race with a racing track that is suspended among the clouds? Like... seriously? The race also comes with its own little story and who knows what you'll find after you've done exploring the magical cloud world that you'll have a rare chance of seeing.

To experience this cool race, you'll need to talk to Mica Stoneground on a hill nearby, outside Doyle's Abbey. You can't really miss her since she'll be with her trusty hot air balloon and her pet friend Pico. The race is only available as long as you have the road between Moorland and Fort Pinta unlocked. Also, all horses can participate in the race except for Spirit.

Now, as if that's not enough to get us jumping for joy, the Star Stable's annual egg hunt is finally here! To begin the hunt, simply talk to Felix in Silverglade Village. You'll then get to have fun hunting eggs with various characters in numerous locations around Jorvik, such as with Felicity in Firgrove, Carney at the Winery, and Leonardo at Governor's Fall.

To participate in the egg hunt, you'll need to be a Star Ride and reached Silverglade Village. The egg hunts will be available in all the areas you've unlocked. Guess how many eggs will you find?

Not to mention, once you've completed the egg hunt with Felix, you'll unlock the special Golden Egg Hunt event. In this event, Golden eggs will randomly appear throughout Jorvik but you'll get a nice little heads-up if it appears somewhere near to your location - you should hear the clucking sound made by a chicken but there are no chickens about. However, since it's random, these eggs may not appear in the same place.

Last but not least, for those of you looking to buy more Star Coins, well... you're in luck! Star Stable is having its extra long Double Star Coins weekend from March 29th to April 3rd. So, be sure to buy those Star Coins now while it's on promo! There might be a new breed coming out next week that you simply got to have!