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Management Games List

Games where you take on the role of manager, controlling every aspect of the game. Sport of Kings

Sport of Kings

Horse RacingHorse BreedingManagementText-based 6.3 Rate Buy or breed your field of champion racehorses!

Race your horses for the fame, glory and the prize money!

Enjoy the virtual version of the sport of kings today!
White Oak Stables

White Oak Stables`

Horse BreedingManagementText-based 5.7 Rate Pick your favourite breed and colour for your horse.

Train and enter your horses into shows to win fabulous prizes!

Unleash the inner equestrian in you!
Track King

Track King

Horse RacingHorse BreedingManagementText-based 8 Rate Set up and manage your very own racing stable!

Sign your horses up for tournaments to move up the ranks into the big leagues!

Earn yourself the title of Track King!


Horse RacingHorseManagement 4 Rate Own and train your champion racehorses to peak fitness and performance

Race competitively with other players' virtual horses for a chance to win a prize of around $320 thousand in real cash

Advance through the ranks on the leaderboard and be exceptional enough to enter into the hall of fame

Virtual Horse Ranch

Virtual Horse Ranch

Horse RacingHorse BreedingHorseManagement 8.9 Rate Set up your own virtual horse ranch today in Virtual Horse Ranch

Breed your horses and sell any foals that you don’t need at the auction house

Participate in various eventing competitions and bring home the trophies
My Horse Farm

My Horse Farm

HorseManagement - Rate Build your very own virtual horse farm in My Horse Farm

Be a good wrangler and create a horse farm that your horses will thank you for

Collect all the different horse species and unlock new features


Horse RacingHorse BreedingHorseManagement 1 Rate Buy, train and breed your champion race horses

Manage your stables and take good care of your horses

Become a racecourse manager and create the best competitions
My Dream Stable

My Dream Stable

Horse RacingHorse BreedingHorseManagementText-based - Rate Set up and manage your very own dream stable in My Dream Stable

Groom, train and feed your horses and even pets, like cats, dogs and rabbits

Sign your horses and pets up for beauty or talent-based competitions


Horse RacingHorse BreedingHorseManagement 10 Rate Establish and run your very own virtual stable in StableKing

Train your horses and your jockeys up to their top form

Participate in exciting races and attempt to snag that first prize
Horse Race Game

Horse Race Game

Horse RacingHorse BreedingManagement - Rate Set up a stable of champions today in Horse Race Game

Breed your best racehorses and send them into various races

Beat all the competition and bring home the carnation blanket

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