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Archiwum Bloga

piątek, marca 13, 2015

5 Great Horse Racing Games

In this blog we will be bringing you 5 great horse racing games to enjoy each with its own style and horses for you to race. Blazing Silks Derby Derby Horse Racing Ride: Equestrian Simulation Stallion Race Horse racing games have been around for a long time, pretty much since horse games started being created. They are an incredibly popular genre of game and they come in lots of different varieties. You can either ride and control the horse yourself or you can manage the stables and decide what to train and how to prepare for races.

There are also games that allow you to make bets with the in game currency too, so you can not only win races but prize money too. There is a lot of detail that goes into managing horses and especially those that race. You need to ensure they have the right training, diet and of course a good jockey to ride them too.

The following list of games are all ones that have racing as one of the main elements, in most cases they are pure racing games. Each of them has something unique to offer you when you play, and of course you can go on to win races against players from all over the world or just against the game itself too.

We will begin with the amazing Blazing Silks, one of the first horse games to appear on Facebook here you can race live against players from all over the world. Manage your horses and jockeys to maximise your performance and see if you can top the world wide leagues. Not forgetting the live races where you can watch your horses in action.

Stallion Race lets you take control of an entire racing team and its facilities. You begin with s small stable and single horse, from there you can grow to be an international organisation with your own training facilities, pres offices and even a racetrack on your home ground. With a stable of horses and jockeys and the ability to breed your own thoroughbred winner. Race all over the world and decide on your tactics to give you an edge.

For amazing betting action try Derby Derby and see if your horse can win you trophies and huuge prizes too. With brilliant 3D graphics and a simple interface this game is great for you to get into. The betting system is also pretty thorough and use all the real world terms and settings to bring you a realistic experience.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is perhaps the odd one of this group as it allows you to ride the horses in cross country races as well as other events too. Here you ride the horses in real time against the clock to see how you measure up. You can also change your kit and train the horses to get the most out of them and win those top trophies.

Finally we have Horse Racing Fantasy where you can see your horses run in stunning 3D graphics. With one of the most in depth training systems in any racing game as well as a huge range of options and fun things for you to do. One of the best looking browser horse games around there is a lot of great things about this game.

If you are looking for a new game or just trying to find a different style of horse game to play then one of these is a good place to start. To see for yourself just give one of them a try, we feel they are pretty good games and we hope you do too.