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Strona Główna Gry Hooves Of Fire
Hooves Of Fire preview image
Facebook SportyKonne 2D Wyścigi KonneHodowla Koni
Oceń: 7,5 Oceń 10 Głosy
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Play a real time multi player horse racing game on Facebook.

Breed horses and improve their bloodline to have the best horse.

Bet on races or participate with your horse to win great prizes.

Hooves of fire challenges you to raise a horse, or more than one, and race them against other players in real time races. You begin with a newborn horse, and you get to name it and pick its colours. Once that's done you will need to feed, groom and train your horse.

Once all of those things are finished you can send your horse off to race against other players, and make bets with your cash on any horse in the race, with odds determined by the game for each race. You start with 5000 in cash, but that can quickly mount up if you bet right, or disappear if you bet wrong.

You are given a stable for your horse, and you have options to buy more horses. As part of a small town you also have access to shops, other stables, a market and research facilities. At the shop you can buy items for your horse, to give it a better chance of winning races, and the market sells other horses to you. There is also the option to buy from other players.

There is an option available for you to rear your own horses, either by breeding between your stable, or with other players horses. You can use this process to breed yourself a truly winning horse, and make a fortune when you do. Putting your horse out to stud will also make you money as fees are charged for the use of your horse.

The biggest part of Hooves of Fire is the racing, and the betting that surrounds it. There are races every 3 minutes and as long as you have the in game cash you can bet. The bets are made on horses run by other players or the game itself, and the wins and losses are calculated instantly and credited to you. You also have the option to buy in game cash through Facebook, or to upgrade your account to VIP to unlock more features, again for real money through Facebook.

To get an early start in the game you can just bet on races and not do much with your own horse, and then when you have the money go ahead and up your horses equipment. Alternatively you can keep racing your horse for its own experience, and then breed your own to get the most out of the game.

Hooves of Fire has a really simple interface with very basic graphics for the horses and the races. Betting on the races is made easy, and the shops and other facilities are simple to navigate.Tracking your wins, losses and money can all be done very quickly with the menus available. What the game lacks in design it makes up for with the community, with access for forums and real time data on the other players.

Although Hooves of Fire seems simple, if you like the racing scene, and want to be a part of that experience this game is the one for you. With a huge range of options for your horses, and races every 3 minutes there are a lot of chances for you to win big money. Hooves Of Fire Streszczenie

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wtorek, maja 28, 2013

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