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Jogos de Criação de Cavalos

Classifique este Artigo Talvez uma das características mais adoradas dos jogos de cavalos é possibilidade de criar cavalos. Neste artigo vamos discutir porque é que isto acontece, e dar alguns exemplos de jogos desse tipo. Jogos de Cavalos Online - Jogos de Criação de Cavalos

The ability to breed your own special horses is one that can be very rewarding, especially if you have managed to create a rare or new breed. While breeding is a part of many of the games available, there are a few that focus solely on or bring special attention to this aspect of horse life.

In many of these games you are able to take a young foal and raise it to maturity, along the way you can train them or even compete with them. If you have a good competition horse you can then put them out to stud, or find another good horse to stud with yours.

In other games you are creating special colours or race combinations. In some cases you are even creating new breeds or fantastical creatures made of fire. No matter what you are trying to achieve you have control over the process, and sometimes you can make a profit on the new foal too.

Below you will find some examples of horse breeding games, from the very detailed to more relaxed. While this is not a complete list it does cover a variety of breeding game styles. We hope that you find a game you will enjoy here as much as we have.

My Stable has room for you to own and look after up to 7 horses, many of which can be your own foals. There are options for you to rent stallions or mares to use with your horses, as well as loan you your fully trained horses.

For more detail try Equiverse, with a huge amount of information at your fingertips, including the option to access the genome type of your horse. Using this you are able to create some very special combinations or rare horses.

Equine Ranch is one of the most comprehensive breeding games you will find, with genetic information for over 200 real horse breeds. With this at your disposal you are able to mix breeds together or create that pure stallion of your dreams.

Horse Eden Is a lot more of a management style game, where you can control every aspect of a stables, up to and including a fairly well designed breeding system. Along side this you have other members of staff to help look after your horses as well as good training systems.

In Horzer you are able to go into tremendous detail about your horses, with this information you can put them out to stud and be confident of getting good results. If you are looking to create a good racer, or a pure thoroughbred for show jumping this game gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Being able to breed horses is fun, and knowing that you are making informed choices can be really nice. Whatever style of game you choose to play, we hope that you breeding is successful and brings you the horses that you want.

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