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Fermă Lista Jocurilor

Jocuri dedicate conducerii unei ferme, creșterii cerealelor și animalelor. Big Farm

Big Farm

HorseFermă 9,2 Evaluare Goodgame Big Farm gives you everything to build your own Farm, and to maintain a solid chain of production.

Plant crops, produce food, feed your animals, sell your products, and become the world's best farmer!

Dominate other farmers in exciting PvP missions, or team up with your friends and create huge cooperatives, but always plan your production carefully and never forget: Farm business can be serious business!
Magic Islands

Magic Islands

FermăMagical Horses - Evaluare Embark on a magical journey in this amazing simulation game full of mystery and fun.

Create a majestic farm by planting magnificent crops and raising mythical animals that have an incredible amount of beauty.

Assist your friends by helping them with their farm in various different ways when they’re not around.
Horse Haven: World Adventures

Horse Haven: World Adventures

Curse cu CaiHorseFermăManagement 6,5 Evaluare Establish your own horse ranches in various countries

Grow and harvest crops in the farm plots on your ranch to feed your horses

Sign your horses up to participate in steeplechase competitions
Horse Grooming Salon

Horse Grooming Salon

Animal de CompanieHorseFermă - Evaluare Choose your very own horse

Dress it up any way you like

Learn to be a great horse owner


Horse CareCălărieConstruireHorseFermăManagement 6 Evaluare Build your own horse racing tracks in PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm.

Unlock a huge variety of beautiful horses in the game.

Feed and treat your horses with care to level up quicker.

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