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Top 5 Buy-To-Play Horse Games on PC

Rate this Article The festive season is here and if you're wondering what gifts to give to your horse-loving friends and family... well, we might have some choice selections for you! Horse Games Online - Top 5 Buy-To-Play Horse Games on PC

We all know how much addicting horse games are. With the ability to customize your own horse, train with them and ride them into nail biting competitions, horse games bring the real life riding experience for gamers. In this article, you can find the top 5 buy-to-play horse games available on PC that you can buy. After all, the festive season is almost upon us and you'll need to get gifts for your friends and family!

At the first spot, we have My Horse and Me by Atari. This amazing horse riding game has everything you looking for. Live the life of a horse trainer and compete in the most celebrated tournaments in decorated arenas. You also get to train your horse’s skills in mini games like jumping, galloping, cantering and what not. With a huge variety of the fastest horse breeds, the game offers a wide range of customization options for both the rider and the horse. Priced at only 17$ at Amazon, My Horse and Me is one of the best horse games out there.

Saddle Up: Time to Ride takes the second spot with its four addicting game modes. Feel like racing? Play the “Competition” mode to race against the toughest and the fastest breeds. Feel like going on an adventurous horse ride? Select the “Adventure” mode and complete quests in an open world environment. Take care of your horse’s needs and skills in the “Horse Care” mode and learn all there is to know in the “Learning” mode of the game. The game is priced at 28.95$ and can be ordered at Amazon.

The third spot in this list goes to Let's Ride: Riding Star, a game that brings you thrilling competitions with detailed race tracks and loads of customization options. Train your horse, learn new skills and beat the toughest competition on the track jumping obstacles and water puddles. The game features excellent graphics and the real life physics brings it closer to reality. You can get your hands on this amazing game with only 47$ at Amazon.

Next up is Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge. Looking to race in official horse racing competitions? This is the game for you. With officially licensed competitions Adelaide, Kentucky, Badminton and Burghley, this game brings the real life horse racing experience for the players. Earn the coolest ribbons, medal and honors while customizing your horse along with your jockey in this amazing game. Priced at only 45$ at Amazon, this game is a must try.

Last but certainly not the least, comes Pony Friends 2. This game brings the stable management experience along with the typical horse racing game play. Embark on exciting quests, complete thrilling challenges and win decorated tournaments. Customize your horse the way you want and develop a bond with your pet horse. Get your hands on this masterpiece with just 29.99$ on Amazon.

These are the top 5 buy-to-play PC horse games that can keep you hooked to the screen with their addicting game plays and real life graphics. With such amazing prices, these games surely are a bargain keeping in mind the real life horse riding experience they have to offer.

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